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Consistent Reliable Quality – 365 days a year.

Our diesel products are a customer favorite, renowned for its low natural cloud point in winter and its maximized BTU's in summer.  It's about giving you and your customers a 'worry-free' product year round. 

Not just 'any old diesel'
  • Modern refining with our unique dewaxing process, winters are no match for our ULSD and maximized BTUs at any cloud point are always welcomed by customers. 
  • Quality testing from start to finish. We are so obsessed with quality that we have even added our own exclusive 'flow' test designed to ensure performance. 
  • Reliable supply with two refineries, a fleet of ships, diverse terminals networks and logistical experts to keep it all moving, we put our integrated supply chain to work for you.  The supply you need when you need it. 

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Its Just Good Business

Its Just Good Business

"One of the reasons I switched to Irving was because of their quality testing.  At every point in the process until it gets to my truck, it is tested, re-tested and then tested again.  I paid a lot for my truck, I care about quality."