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It's about responsive service, a reliable supply of quality products and a solid partnership. That's what your business demands and it's what we deliver to you.

A leader in specialty fuels, Irving Oil refines exceptional products to exacting specifications - Jet Fuel, Marine Gas Oil, Bunker and Asphalt.

We provide our customers with unmatched supply reliability backed by dedicated shipping and trucking fleets, as well as the close proximity of our refinery. How close? Well, we are less than a day’s sail away from Boston Harbor. That’s pretty close for large tankers traveling ‘slowly but surely’.

To keep your business moving, Irving is here to back you every step of the way – from our logistics experts to our exclusive sales team. We are local, understand the market and are dedicated to serving our specialty customers.

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Key to Success

Key to Success

"We regard Irving as our key supplier…the sales team has been great and are always helpful."