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Our cargo and product trading business focuses on supply chain excellence, providing a reliable supply of quality products, and building trusting relationships.

For energy customers looking for Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, Jet Fuel, Bunker, and Asphalt products in volumes greater than 200,000 barrels per shipment, our cargo business offers unmatched supply within our local region and beyond.

Our refinery is located in close proximity to the Northeast. We are less than a day’s sail to Boston and 36 hours to New York. Beyond our region, we supply customers around the world and have sent cargos to California, Europe, and Africa.

To contact us, drop us an email at IOCCustomerSupport@irvingoil.com with some basic information about your needs (company, product, volume, destination, contact info). 

Commercial Support

Building Trusting Relationships

Building Trusting Relationships

"Irving has always been a reliable, important supplier to us, while always recognizing the importance of strong customer service."